April 28, 2016

XPO Media Blasting

Small Business • Big Service!

My name is Mark Roberts, I am the owner and labor for XPO Media Blasting. My professional career spans from Logging to Marketing Professional to Bouncer to Owning a Media Blasting Company.

10372098_10207429718734440_5556974045920931586_nMy passion for tinkering goes way back. My first car was a ’74 Impala I purchased for $375, needless to say it was a never ending project! From there I’ve owned and wrenched on cars, bikes, scooters and bicycles including: ’63 Chevy II, 78 Checker Marathon, Yamaha RD350, 63 Lambretta Scooter, 68 Laverda SF1, 89 GMC Jimmy… and the list goes on and on.

I mention this mostly to brag, but also to convey that I have had many projects which are near and dear to myself. So when I am blasting on your parts I realize that they are sometimes one-of-a-kind or very hard to lay hands upon and I take that very seriously. I also have had vendors take an inordinately long time turning round rebuilds and paint – I know EXACTLY how frustrating that is!

My goal with this company is provide prompt, professional service and to make money for  to feed myself, my cat and if there’s anything left over… purchase ridiculous vehicles. Perhaps it’s not a mission statement of corporate proportions, but we’re a small shop and maybe I’ll give you a ride in my Caddy Limo or let you take a spin on a scooter.